Date Venue Location  

23rd May 2020


Brampton Community Centre

Brampton, Cumbria 

Red Stone, with Guest Percussionist Arian Sadr, and Clare Crossman.
Introduction from Max Loth

30th Nov 2019

Tullie House


Red Stone Trio with Clare Crossman: 
Venue Link

Review link

29th Spetember 2019

Star and Shadow 

Newcastle upon Tyne

Red Stone Trio


Thursday 8th Dec

Jack Hylton Music Room

Lancaster University

Ticket Link:
£5.00 in Advance and £8.00 on door
Album tour of NW





Saturday 10th Dec

​Lanercost Cricket Club

Lanercost, Brampton, Cumbria

Ticket Link:
£5.00 in Advance and £8.00 on door
Album tour of NW





Thursday 17th Nov 
MAP Studio Cafe
MAP Studio Cafe
46 Grafton Rd, London NW5 3DU
Launch of the Album "The Lanercost Sessions 2" in the UK
Sunday 25th Sept
Eglise de Mauran Mauran FuMar's new album "The Lanercost Sessions 2" Tour de France!
Saturday 24th September  Dar Diaf,
Music restaurant
Toulouse FuMar's new album "The Lanercost Sessions 2" Tour de France!
Friday 23rd Sept L’Echauguette
 Giroussens FuMar's new album "The Lanercost Sessions 2" Tour de France!
restraunt outside Toulouse
Thursday 22nd Sept  L'Auberge de Mauvaisin)
Music restaurant 
Mauvaisin (TBC)
Wednesday 21st Sept   La Rochelle TBC
Sunday 18th Sept Voyageurs Hotel Ménigoute Private Concert
Saturday 17th Sept De la Trappe aux Livres,
Music Bar 
Montmorillon Tickets on door
FuMar's new album "The Lanercost Sessions 2" Tour de France!
Friday 16th Sept Chez Béatrice, 20.00 Rueil Malmaison
Private Concert
FuMar's new album "The Lanercost Sessions 2" Tour de France!
Thursday 15th Sept Chez Mike,
Grez sur Loing private concert
FuMar's new album "The Lanercost Sessions 2" Tour de France!
July 17
The Priory Lanercost
FuMar will perform their new album record over the weekend in the priory.
tickets available: 
Fri 24th June The Lanercost Priory Lanercost, Brampton Phil Furneaux and Alice Rosser:  Part of the Lanercost Festival
Sunday 5th June: 14.00 Mr Browns, Brampton Brampton High Street FuMar: Special concert for us... exploring new ideas and concepts
Fri 20th May Zeffirellis Ambleside, Cumbria FuMar and the ART Band 
Sat 16th April Paris   FuMar: Private Party
Sat 9th April Carlisle   Solo: Private Party

Monday 29th February

The Anglican Chapel
The Chaplaincy

​Lancaster University


 Phil plays with Alice Rosser his classical project
12.30 start



Sat 20th February 2016

The Bookcase Cafe,

17 -19, Castle St, Carlisle


FuMar and The ART Band

Tickets £5 (cons), £8 in advance from The Bookcase Cafe 01228544560 or
from Phil contact

£10 on door
20.00 start
Thursday 3rd December 2015 The Storey, Lancaster
Phil Furneaux  played with Alex Green (bass), Rik Alexander (percussion) and Tony Atkinson (guitar) the album, "A Real Distraction".

No Krys due to family illness
Saturday 5th December 2015 Lanercost Cricket Club Lanercost, Brampton,
The organiser wrote: "Many thanks to you and your men for the extraordinary entertainment you gave us yesterday evening. It was a concert like no other I've ever had the privilege of attending: multi-faceted, multi-layered, a real musical and technical tour de force, in all the best senses of the term."
The Tour de France of FuMar' s new album "The Lanercost Sessions" SUCCESS IN EVERY WAY MEASURED! see photos
Thursday 10th September, 2015

Private function

Seine et Marne
Friday 11th September,2015
Le Raboliot,
("petit restaurant au bord du canal , terasse sous le Tilleul")
102, route de Chevannes
58300 Decize

Saturday 12th September 2015
De la trappe aux livres, 
Cité de l’Ecrit 
18 place du Vieux Marché 
86500 Montmorillon

Sunday 13th Semptember 2015
L'imponderable, Belle Ville
Rue des Pyrénées, Paris

Following the success of the 28th April, Phil has been invited back for a second gig.
Again the visualisations of the music will be the main feature of the performance.
Also Phil will be working alongside two DJ's Ben Gates and Carlo CAstelvecchi so it could be an interesting night.
Date Venue Location
Friday 10th July

Open Mind Music and Arts Bar

75, English St, Carlisle

Phil will do a solo set. The main focus will be the inaugral performance of his music visualisation project programmed by Jorden Oyenusi.
He is hoping the venue will be able to create a relaxed and chilled ambience. See the visualisation-project (postponed from 1st April)
Date Venue Location
Tuesday 28th April

Open Mind Music and Arts Bar

75, English St, Carlisle

Phil played a gig in Paris last February with Krys Markowski (keyboards), Jean Paul Bonny (bass) and Didier Marsolle (percussion):    Review & photos

Date Venue Location
Sunday 15th February

Les Petits Campagnards

Rue des Pyrénées, Paris

North West Tour 2014

Review & photos

Phil Furneaux’s North West Tour with his new album "A Real Distraction", with:
  • Tony Atkinson on guitar
  • Alex Green on bass
  • David Winthrope on drums
  • Alain Mayson on keyboard
Phil's rehearsals with the band have produced an introductory musical backdrop for the performance of his album "A Real Distraction". The plan includes playing covers from Grovner Washington, Bob Marley, Marvyn Gay, Jimmy Hendrix and Ray Charles to relax the audience ready for the original tracks (album). Films of the various artists performing their songs will be shown alongside the music to allow an additional sensory input.

Phil will be experimenting with visualising his music. From showing images from the surreal artist, Jean Miro, during some of his tunes to real time visualisation of his sax playing. Images will help to tell the story of the album.

..Listening to instrumental music can conjure up all sorts of emotions and images. These gigs are an attempt to aid this process by supplying a stream of images during the performances of some of the tunes.
Dancer by Jean Miro accompanies "Funky Dancer" on the album.

North West tour dates/venues

Date Venue Location
Thursday 20th November

Alexander's Jazz Cafe

Chester, Cheshire
Friday 28th November

The Storey

Lancaster, Lancashire
Saturday 6th December

Lanercrost Cricket Club

Tickets: Brampton Post Office or David on 01697741829. With Special Guest Krys Markowski on piano.
Brampton, Cumbria


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