The Next FuMar Album

Posted June 24, 2016
Written by Phil Furneaux

21st June 2016

The next FuMar album:

I am on Eurostar Paris to London feeling very contented after spending four full days with Krys in a converted barn in Grez about 90 min drive from Paris. We were preparing for our next recording session in Lanercost Prioy between July 16-18. We prepared five pieces. It was the continuation of two days work in Paris in April.

The tracks:


Gymnopedie (Satie) is on the Saxiano album Emotive Moods.. ( This time we are recording with Alex our bassist who will turn the piece into something amazing. We say this is a jazz/ classical fusion and was done by Blood Sweat and Tears in the late 1960’s but nothing like our version. This tune came from my wonderful sax teacher Arthur Belcher who sadly passed on recently. He introduced this piece in one of my lessons and it has always been an ambition of mine to play.


Apres un Reve (Foure) is also on the Saxiano album Emotive Moods. I learnt to play this with Alice Rosser .. in fact Alice taught me how to play this properly! We have speeded the piece to double tempo and filled out the spaces with flowing elegant riffs. We are also repeating the bars just before the end and hoping to produce a climax to a soft ending. This is a jazz/ classical fusion and to my knowledge has not been done before.


Opus 131 (Beethoven) the last string quartet he composed, is very new to our repertoire. We have not played this in public but we have been working on the idea for about six months. I heard this piece playing on radio 3 in the car and just loved it. The critics describe it as sublime. We have taken the first 8 bars and repeated them adding cords which become the basis for the “floaty bits”.

If this comes off we will be very happy. To my knowledge this has not been fused with jazz before.


Grez on the water is a completely new composition. The idea came from a wonderful motif which Krys composed a few months ago, recording it on his iPad and sending it to me.I loved it immediately. This motif is answered by me on the sax then i lead the motif and Krys answers on the piano.

Then follows a verse over two very lovely cords from Krys. The sax lyrics are based on some words we wrote:

“The floods are so terrible

mattresses in the street

the banknotes have gone soggy

no money for food to eat

It won’t stop raining

so much devastation 

the waters are rising

boats are in the streets”


The verse starts melancholic and then gets angry .. the piano taking over the anger ,,,, then returning to calm. Finishing with the opening motif.

At the time we were in Grez, the River Loing flooded and Nemours was under water .. no cash machines were working. And it rained most of the time we were there.


Bach-Jobim fusion (Bach prelude number …) was performed for the first time in Mr Brown’s in Brampton on 5th June. It is a medley of Jobim’s Bosas: Girl from Ipanema, Meditation and Corcovado which is played over the Bach prelude by Krys. It works amazing well.


Sunday Morning in Paris: (Furneaux/ Markowski 2013). FuMar have played this for the last three years and it is always well received by our audiences. So it will be interesting to discover how it has matured over the years.


The Moonlight sonata/ Beethoven was on my first album “A Real Distraction”  2014 ( and has been played at most of FuMar’s concerts over the last two years. Again we want to discover how it has matured.


So these pieces are ready for recording in the Lanercost Priory between July 16-18 by our master sound engineer, Duncan Thornley. It is no easy task recording in the Priory but Duncan is a master of working in special places and capturing the ambient sounds. The recording will be of LIVE sessions capturing the performance aspect.


Why Lanercost Priory?

The Priory was built in the  …. century and is a very special spiritual place. The ambient sound is amazing but most of all the  Bernstein piano is very mellow and Krys loves it’s touch. FuMar used this piano last year for their album “ The Lanercost Sessions” which is a collection of Bossas and other standards.



FuMar are also recording with the ART Band in a different venue on the Sunday. We are reworking tracks on my first album “A Real Distraction”  2014 (

I want to capture the wonderful sound of the ART Band who I have been working with for two years. The groove they produce is magical.

Alex Green: Bass

Rik Alexander: Percussion

Tony Atkinson: Guitar


The tunes to be recorded are record are:

The Search (where are you now?)

Funky Dancer

25 things joined to Sarah’s letter



So the next album will have 10 tracks .. no covers … 5 original compositions. A statement of my work over the last 5 years especially with Krys. I will be very proud to release the album at the end of the year.

FuMar are playing the album on their “Tour de France 2016” and have plans to rerecord any tracks that have been developed during their performances.


This would not have been achieved if it were not for the wonderful working relationship I have with Krys, we complement each other on the development of ideas and are excited by our achievements, supporting any shortcomings and encouraging good ideas. Who knows where this musical journey will lead us to.




21st June


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