Apres concert reflection

Posted February 22, 2016
Written by Phil Furneaux
Monday 22nd Feb (Bookcase Concert 20th Feb)
So FuMar were invited to BBC Radio Cumbria to do an interview with Gordon Swindlehurst. 
It was good fun and Gordon made us feel very important!
He played some tracks off the album "Lanercost Sessions" and discussed our future plans.
Both Krys and I are committed to preparing a second album to be recorded in July which means lots of preparation and we have planned three sessions, two in the UK and one in Paris. All very exciting
The concert with the ART Band last Saturday was magnificent. The grooves so natural and easy to play along to. It was nice to have Krys playing with me and his keyboard added substance to the music. The audience filled the venue and  were really nice and complementary. After the second tune they stopped their conversations and got involved with the music. Lots of smiles and foot tapping. Many stayed behind for a chat. Even some complementary emails yesterday.
So now I have that wonderful apres concert contented feeling.

Biggest challenge ever!
But the hard work has to begin again for my classical concert with Alice in 7 days time. No mistakes allowed for this one. All seven pieces must be learnt and understood. The phrasing is most important so the piece flows. Alice is such a good teacher and I am learning so much. Thorough preparation is so important. My respect for the classical musician has grown while working with Alice.


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