Starting my second ever blog!

Posted January 15, 2016
Written by Phil Furneaux

I didn't get round to finishing my "first ever blog" .... the tour was great in every way .. i just loved playing on consecutive nights and sharing ideas with Krys as we travelled accors France in the tour-mobile! But i hope to get this post finished.

So why would i want to write a blog .. is it not rather conceited that someone would want to read it?!
I am hoping this is a way for me clarify my ideas for the next few projects:
  • The recoding of classical pieces with Alice (recording date Friday 26th Feb in Lancaster Uni)
  • Preparing to play in the Bookcase, Carlisle with the ART band (Alex, Rik and Tony) ... so chuffed they want to carry on playing my stuff
  • Preparing for FuMar's next album ... too many ideas coming
The decision is made .. i am not seeking to renew my contract at Lancaster Uni Physics department next year ... and that we free up loads for time for FuMar to tour the new album. Hoping for: September France, October Finnland, and November: North of England and maybe even Chicago in April 2017! We live in hope.

So what's the big idea? 
I've been thinking about random events producing music in an art installation eg reflections from a mobile being rotated by  convection currents triggering a note change in a cord.
But then this morning I read in Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden' book "Life on the Edge" about quantum tunnelling and genetic evolution ... so if a chord is thought of as a DNA strand ... the mutant DNA (causing evolution) .. a random note change can cause a chord change. So the idea is to have a random number generator ... programmed to give a note .... that note is substituted into the chord  ..... the new chord becomes the substantive chord so the tune mutates and evolves! .. in a random manner!
Cannot wait to try this out with Krys!

However today is log day ... getting a delivery of logs and stacking them .... and preparing Vocalise (Rachmaninoff) for the recording with Alice ... a NICE Day.



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