Red Stone

Penny Callow, Cello
Phil Furneaux, Saxophones
Rosh Singh, Tablas

Red Stone

Phil Furneaux, Cumbria based saxophonist first started collaborating with Newcastle based cellist,  Penny Callow and tabla guru Rosh Singh in April 2019 in a project to compose music as a sound track for a video of the River Gelt in Cumbria.
The name Red Stone comes from the River Gelt cutting through the sandstone of the North Pennies near Brampton in Cumbria.
The music does not really fit a specific genre as it is a blend of soft jazz with a classical foundation and a indo beat.   The acoustic instruments  blend well together to give an organic vibrant sound which is tonally varied and intricate. The tunes vary in character from repeating trance-like rhythms to in-your-face danceable vibes. There is an influence of John McLoughlin and his Mahavishnu orchestra but not so manic.


Phil Furneaux developed his smooth style of flowing lyrical riffs during his time with FuMar and these blend totally with the full resonant sound from Penny Callow’s cello. Penny’s performances  with many bands in her diverse musical career give her the knowledge and skills to compose the basis for this blend of instruments not often heard together. Rosh Singh leant his skills with the tablas from the UK master players and applies this classical-indo style to give the Trio their vibrant and energetic sound.
Promo  Video for their River Gelt Project: link

Clare portrait


Clare Crossman

The trio are working alongside poet Clare Crossman to perform their compositions accompanied
by the spoken word describing the video.
Clare is an accomplished poet with many publications. Her choice of words are evocative and thought inspiring.
The music, spoken word and video images complement each other to give an absorbing sensory experience. 

Website link: Clare Crossman
Penny Callow: Link



The Red Stone Trio are next performing on Sunday 29th September at the
Star and Shadow,Newcastle upon Tyne
at 15.00

Tickets on door £5/ £3 cons
This performance will include music composed to accompany a film of the River Gelt near Brampton in Cumbria.

Performance of The Red Stone Trio with Clare Crossman:
Tullie House, Carlisle
Saturday 30th November at 7.30

Link to Tullie House:

Promo  Video for their River Gelt Project: link

See flyer for details:
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